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This site is a place for me to record by own thoughts, ideas, and opinions. My hope is that readers may find some of the content of interest, and take something away from here that they may not otherwise have acquired.

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About the Name:

The name "finite empathy" has always carried a certain mysterious appeal to me. I feel that it sums up, in such a profoundly simple manner, so much of the struggle that humanity faces in our interactions with each other.

It can hardly be denied that empathy, more than anything else, is a central object of human desire. To be understood, to be brought into companionship with another person or people, and conversely, to not be isolated, to not be trapped in solidarity and loneliness--these are the central efforts of human activity throughout our history. It is often said, "Respect is the ultimate currency"; in truth, respect is merely one aspect of the greater scope of empathy.

The tagline, "You! hypocrite lecteur!--mon semblable,--mon frère!" is taken from T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land." It is French, and translated reads, "You! hypocrite reader!--my likeness,--my brother!" While far to complex to explain in brief, Eliot's analogy describes a betrayal between the soul and the body, the heart and the mind, wherein the one cannot reconcile with the other. Likewise, each of us experience a similar betrayal, however unintentional it may be, in our interactions with others, even with our closest friends and family.

Communication, however, language, these are the greatest treasures of humanity. By such means we can explore the deepest recesses of each others hearts and souls; by such means we can in turn unveil ourselves to the world. This is the ultimate aspiration of humanity, the "great conversation" that has existed since the dawn of written word.

While the content of this blog is in comparison insignificant, still, it is toward this aim that I am inspired unto the effort.

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